Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Future of Mobile Computing with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

What we really need?

Behaving like a pro, you may need some essential gadgets to get around with your day to day works. One of the majors among them is your mobile phone. Well, most of the world tends to use a smartphone to make their tasks easier and quicker. This is what we say being smart in always.

Considering about the future of mobile smartphones we the most out of youth will necessarily will keen about the specs of the devices in first hand review. We go for something worth to the bucks we are going to spend on. Let’s just have a simplified look in to the burning requirements from a very well smartphone which we seek for the decade.

Why we need high-end specs?

Best case scenario we go for the best battery life and memory in the first hand. Then we (if that’s burning requirement) go for the camera quality, in the hand of definition availability and display effectiveness (which concludes the size and aspect ratio). Least cases people like in a nutshell will tend to keen about the build material quality and design ergonomics. No, I don’t say “no we don’t care about the build and design” but least we do, because we have a bunch of competitors out there in the smartphone market right now.

Well in that summary now we know the simplified required specs of a mobile smartphone which we are going to buy as the “next” device for salvation in the tech world.

Being “Pro” with your next smartphone.

A little bit far away from our nutshell I may suggest to look in the perspective of a professional person who really want something more than fore-mentioned specs. Just something more to make things easier by carrying only his smartphone in pocket while travelling. Well yes. That’s the future of mobile computing which we eager to discuss about.

Going beyond just playing high-end games and mobile photography how about mobile projective work collaboration can be done without a single need of a laptop or a workstation? What will come to the mind if I say enabling mobile multi-tasking capabilities? Of course the Samsung’s best product line ever, the Galaxy Note series.

Spoiler with Samsung Galaxy Series!

OH BOY! Compiled a halt just because of remembering blowing up your hand! Alas, we used to say no to any of the Samsung products for about one year. But in the ultimate quarter of 2k17 the tech giant Samsung bravely released the latest beast of their Galaxy Note series, the Note 8! Such a confidence after what happened back there in 2016? Yes they made the decision right and product stronger in every aspect especially the Battery Performances and build. Want to get more confidence, yes read with care.

Samsung’s signature is the edge-to-edge display is a common thing here in the Note 8 as well. Compressing a wide aspect ratio (the widest in the market yet) of 1440 x 2960 pixel density on a 6.3” Super AMOLED Capacitive high sensitive multi touch screen, Samsung Note 8 has become the best smartphone with best display in the market right now. Also this display if protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 series which is the same of Note 8’s body surprisingly!

You’ll be surprised with new Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

In par the discussion for body build, I may introduce this is not the best in market but considerably Samsung has done more effort than in the series. IP68 (water and dust proof body) and Dual SIM capability are some spectacular additions. Previously added Samsung S Pen is modified with new 3D sensing technology after 3 Notes have been released.

This gigantic Note 8 is powered by Octa Core 2.35 GHz neuro stimulus processors which are used in air-craft mobile computing devices. What’s purpose on such high grade processors in just a phone? When initiating this story I walked you through with a “pro” idea because of that. This device is not just another mobile phone but a professional tool which you can use everywhere whenever you need. That’s why this is integrated with a low power consuming high end processor engine!

Talking to the memory no worries it has more RAM than your general laptop does, which is 6 GB. So, you may see you can project an entire presentation through the wireless display connectivity like Chromecast which hiccups.

Yes it doesn’t blow even in accidents.

Finally to the major awaiting performer, the 3300 mAh Lithium-Iron battery cell pack. Samsung has learnt the most exemplary lesson throughout the 2016 fall. So they just didn’t change the battery vendor for their Note 8 and hoisted a separate team for their battery manufacturing as a separate division. This gigantic power source is compatible of handling more than 70 Celsius at a time. That’s still a secret recipe behind Samsung Engineers but, it’s proven and they have obtained certain patents for that. So, even though your phone got bricked to the level of short circuit you don’t have to worry a wink about blowing it off in your bag or pocket.

Same as in previous Note devices, Samsung didn’t forget to add Iris scanner as well as Fingerprint Scanner to give an extra security using biometry which the best competitor in cyber security market right now. Considering about the health factory, Samsung added heart rate sensors and pedometers to measure your wellness whenever you carry the Note 8 with you.

Surprisingly no FM radio receiver but all other connectivity options such as NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, and USB have their latest versions in built here. Well yes this has 3.5 mm head phone jack which you don’t have to worry about.

Regarding the camera specs, this is powered by an Optical Image Stabilized 12MP primary camera and 8MP of 30 fps camera to the front. Both enables a 4K video recording capability. Up to 256GB of memory (micro SD) expansion will make your recording and captures unlimited approximately.

Note 8 is coming with the latest Android build which is 7.1.1 (Nougat) and of course with Samsung’s rebirth Tizen OS.

You can absolutely go “Pro” with this.

Well this is the latest smartphone giant for professionalism currently in the market which you can own one about 1200 USD approximately. This is not just another review, but all you can get to know before buy simply. Keep in touch with our site for more important updates about your favorite devices.

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  • August 31, 2017 at 7:45 am

    Good information and very useful when buying this Note 8. Specially you have mentioned about the battery chemistry and we can assume now it will not blow up again. 🙂


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