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The Ghost Hunter.

Don’t get confused with ghost hunting tools with EMF waves or Ghost detectors. This is not that Ghost Hunter. This is a cute simple game where you can shoot a ghost and score. Ghost Hunter is all about your concentration. If you want to stop worrying over something and want to concentrate and think straight, Ghost Hunter is the game for you. The better concentration and timing you have more the score you get. Or if you are a mobile phone gamer tired of passing levels after levels doing the same stuff without concentrating or thinking Ghost Hunter might help you to break the monotony.

What you have to do in Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter   Ghost Hunter   Ghost Hunter   Ghost Hunter

There is this little red color ghost moving slowly and you have to touch the robot head to shoot it. And you get one point if you shoot the ghost. You get three chances to shoot the ghost. If you miss 3 chances to shoot the ghost and lose 3 bullets, sorry pal you lose the game its Game Over. In other words, you can miss your target but only two times. But don’t worry just hit the blue button, ‘New’.

When you hit the ghost its moving speed increases. The more you score the faster it might become. Stay focused and shoot the little wobbling ghost to score more. Don’t lose your aim just because the ghost is not moving in a straight line, take your time and hunt the ghost and achieve your highest score.

But first of all you have to visit Google Play Store, download and install this super cute game. Don’t worry it won’t take a lot of space from your android phone.

Without a doubt this game will improve your concentration. The more you can focus the more relaxed your mind becomes. Isn’t it cool that you can relax your mind by just playing a simple game? I think it is. You don’t have to do meditating or other stuff that might take some time to practice. Just take your phone and play Ghost Hunter.

What does it look like?

I forgot to tell you about the background of the interface in the introduction. It have an eye soothing green color background. So you don’t have to worry about tiring your eyes if you play for too long.

After installing, when you start a new game it will take you to a new interface with a moving ghost, two buttons to go Back and to start a New game. And between the two buttons you can see the purple color robot head which you can use to hunt the ghost. In the middle there’s your score board.

I think Ghost Hunter gives you the best graphical user interface for the little space it takes.

And some other information about Ghost Hunter game 

Ghost Hunter’s current version is 1.0 and it requires Android 4.1 or upper version. Last update was released on 23rd December 2017. It is rated for 3+

Ghost Hunter may request permission to view network connections and full network access.

Disclaimer, it contains ads.

What I suggest for the developers of Ghost Hunter

I think it is better if it can display the bullet count, players who don’t have a short term memory like me will value it.

Finally I think Ghost Hunter is a simply charming game. You should try playing it.

Click Here to Download Ghost HunterGhost Hunter

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