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Boost up your Android phone’s Performance with Clean Master Apk.

Are there so many junk files in your Android mobile which hinder the performance of it? Does it need some memory boost or may be CPU boost? Aren’t you having enough time to deal with unwanted apps in your mobile? Just no worries! Clean Master Apk is just ready to deal with all the headaches for you with just a matter of tap to boost up your mobile performances.

What is clean master apk?

Clean Master Apk has been developed catering the requirements of Android users, and has had phenomenal improvements through their valuable customer feedbacks resulting the latest version of Clean Master 5.18.4, released on 24th August 2017. Clean Master is one of the handiest and most popular tools with impressive user rating of 4.5 stars based on 31 million reviews.

Why clean master apk?

It’s apparently simple to use, fast and has the utmost accuracy.  It’s a one stop, many solutions application, beyond just being a cleaner which is integrated with many other handy functionalities of speed boosting, antivirus protection, memory boosting, cooling the device, app management, speed enhancing and reclaiming for pure storage, ultimately serving you a trouble free fast mobile.

What are the facts that hinder the performance of your mobile?

The main reason of slowing your phone down is unnecessary cached data, temporary files which have been stored in the device’s memory by websites and the applications which are being used, but nothing important just images, and scripts etc. And the duplicate files also can use considerable amount of your storage.

Another reason for this can be running too many applications in the background of your device, may be they are not required always but without our concern, they use lots of RAM space unnecessarily.

Have you ever considered how much of a harm can be done by malware to your device? Yes they are deadly to your device!

How clean master apk helps with these issues?

Clean master provides you a handy option to clear up the temporary files, cached data and other associated files of the applications you no longer use.

And it helps saving the space by deleting duplicate photos, music, videos, old APKs you haven’t used during a considerable period of time just with a single tap. And what really satisfying is that you can see what are going to be deleted and you can save any file during the process.

It has the ability of checking for apps running in background and which can be closed among them to free up the RAM along with the “App Manager” feature.

Clean Master comes with “Battery saver” feature, which alarms you about the apps of drawing a lot of energy when your battery is running low and this feature is capable of hibernating those apps to boost device performance and optimize the usage when you need it the most.

And here with the clean master you can have the most important antivirus protection, keeping your device out of trouble from viruses, adware, Trojans, spyware and all the vulnerabilities. It scans the entire system; not only user installed apps but also pre-installed apps.

Have you ever heard how clean master deals with overheating? It has the ability to calculate the usage of CPU of the device and to stop the apps from battery wastage, thereby slowing down the overheating and cool your device off.

Wow they think about you more!

You can sign up for the cloud storage platform of clean master, where you can back up the photos taken on your device and the best part of it is you are given  2GB of storage for FREE! If you need more space you can go for it with just $2 per month for 20 GB or $6 per month for 1000 GB.

Considering the requirements of their customer base clean master is available in all the following languages.

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay.

Your Privacy is safe with them.

Catering your requirements, for proper functioning clean master requires considerable access to your device but they are following comprehensive privacy standards about the privacy of your data and it is clearly indicated in their privacy statement, that clean master never collects personal information of their users.


Need to boost up your Android phone with some spring clean? Then you will never be disappointed with clean master.

Clean Master Apk

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