Apple iPhone 8 mobile review – specifications, features, price

Unmatched tomorrow with iPhone 8

Are you an Apple iPhone user? Or planning to switch to them? Well I would rather say this is the best time to shoot that idea in.

Apple Corporation was the very first smart phone manufacturer which never afraid to release a phone with “no keys”. Making this revolutionary decision Apple brought their iPhone series over a decade now.

Considering about a typical smartphone powered by Apple’s unique standard mobile operating system, named Apple iOS has done a tremendous work rather than optimizing the device only with some hardware features, sarcastically most of other smartphone manufacturers do. That’s why even though the phone comes with a considerably high price tag people tends to buy and use it anyway. That’s what Apple has done magically.

Yet another upgrade to iPhone series after the revolutionary iPhone 7 plus? Well let’s talk about it now.

Rumors true about iPhone 8?

Technically the Apple has announced the release date for iPhone 8 in US and UK markets today (12th of September, 2017) and already begun the pre-order with prolonged queues which we saw in the last time when iPhone 7 was released.

But why people waited so long for this iPhone 8? That’s what we research about. This will give you the very basic idea of buying this newbie right away!

Over a decade of iPhone history Apple didn’t remove the hardware Home navigation key since they considered it as a user friendly ergonomic signature to their iPhone line. But wonderly this has been removed from new iPhone 8 and the display evaded the space consumed marvelously.

Now the question is what has Apple done with the Fingerprint sensor? Is it rear mounted now? Nope. That’s the great work done by Apple Engineering illusionists, that the finger print sensor has come the display itself where it was before from Apple iPhone 5S. The sensor is transparent poly-acrylic so the display won’t get affected by its circuitry.

These are the realized rumors about iPhone 8 and now it’s time to review the technicality.

Technicality of this newbie.

Apple iPhone 8

As the latest flagship of highly competitive Apple Smartphone Company, what has Apple added to this tech-giant for this release?

You may already have heard all the rumors about this release and now most of the (nearly 99%) has become true when it’s released.

Apple iPhone 8 comes with a larger display than iPhone 7 which was 4.7 inches but to 5.1 inches competing all other Android and Blackberry flagships tie-to-tie. This is a Super AMOLED capacitive display where you can save battery even in the daily sunlight. Exclusively the front mounted fingerprint has become a part of this display itself. Consisting of 1242 x 2800 Pixels resolution with 601 PPI of pixel density you can watch an entire 4K movie without even noticing that it’s been watched using a mobile phone display. The glass layer is protected by Ionized-strengthen glass (well the new era apart from Corning Gorilla protection) and the entire phone is dust and water proof with IP68 proofing certification. So, I doubt that, do you really need to consider about buying a case or tempered glass to your iPhone again which was an essential part after buying an iPhone before.

Apple iPhone 8’s platform has been moralized with signature Apple A11 chipset and Quad Core processor which consists of Apple iOS 11 which was released on Apple Developer Conference before.

This one is coming with 3GB of DDR4 DRAMS so you have extra space of wandering your freedom around. Unfortunately like the ancestors this newbie also doesn’t have memory card slot. Phone is compatible with single Nano SIM slot with 4G HSDPA+ enabled network synchronization.

Coming to the camera, Apple didn’t try very hard to improve this side since all their users are really satisfied with the outstanding performances done by iPhone 7 and 7 plus’s cameras. But Apple has done one thing to the front facing camera by upgrading it to a 7MP sensor instead of previous 5MP one.

This one has NFC compatibility which can only use for Apple Pay gateways and Bluetooth 4.0v for device connectivity.

New Ergonomics really do add value?

Ergonomics are introduced in sake of wellbeing of the human user as a part of Hardware Development Life Cycle. They consist of a bunch of ethics to follow when manufacturing a device after running some real time tests to check whether this device as a product in later market how much humans can get interact with easy and safe.

Considering the geometry of any smartphone we use now a days all the manufacturers have done a hard work adding ergonomically value added features to their phones, only targeting the easiness and safety of the person who regularly uses this device.

Considering these facts Apple has done several enhancements to this flagship also.

Coming to the camera position of rear mounted dual sensors, Apple has decided it’s very easy to take portraits and landscaped if they place the camera unit vertically in top left edge of back side of the phone. It’s true that we can really make use of that new enhancement seriously.

Coming to the front side of the phone you already know that the display size has been increased. So you may already thought that the phone is much bigger and it’s eww to use as an iPhone far from the orthodox. Well that’s not entirely true. Since the hardware home navigation key has been removed from this new iPhone 8 Engineers at Apple has done a great job of expanding the Display up to 5.1 inches on the space consumed by the hardware button on previous devices. So, the total body size is hard to say that it’s enlarged. Good news is you can fit it right where you used the previous one too!

Concluding, do we really need to buy this?

Well, coming to the handy and if you are a tech geek who waits for a new upgrade of your device, this is the time to spend around $ 1000 to own this digital hero. But if you are a hardware and software specs needy and greedy, this adds no good to your back-pack. Apple only targets a crowd who are loyal to Apple and they optimized their devices only for specific performances which a basic and high end consumers wait for. Now the decision is yours. Try and see.

Wait for more updates until the real release happens and a hands on review too. Unigot will provide you the best out of better and keep in touch to know the latest, first out of your clan!

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